10 Tips Healthy Eating

10 Tips for Healthy Eating

Load up on fruits and vegetables Strive for a minimum of 5 servings/day and go for color. Dark leafy greens, and vibrant colors pack a nutritional boost.  Maximize your intake by choosing a variety and don’t shy away from different forms if it suits your budget.  Fresh, frozen, canned,...

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Are Protein Powders Safe for My Allergic Child?

According to a 2015 Food and Health Survey, 54% of consumers are trying to increase their protein intake, making it the top nutrient of concern in most individual’s diets. The focus these days is on high quality proteins, which is aligned with the current push for ‘cleaner eating’. This...

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Food Allergy Institute of North Texas Ask the Dietitian

Ask the Dietitian: FODMAP Diet

Question: I’ve heard that a low FODMAP diet is good for my irritable bowel syndrome but I really want to lose weight as well. Can I achieve this while on a low FODMAP diet? Answer: Lowering your FODMAPS can go a far way in reducing your digestive issues. Problems...

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Foods to Ease a Gassy Gut

With holiday parties, irresistable snacking, and boundless dessert options, it is not uncommon to have a growly gut. What is gas? Gas is air in your digestive tract. Common symptoms of gas include burping, passing gas, bloating, and pain in your abdomen.  Gas enters your digestive tract when you...

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The Power of Spices

With the holiday season upon us, research demonstrates the anti-inflammatory properties of common spices. Cinnamon One of the most extensively studied spices for it’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti lipemic, anti diabetic, antimicrobial, and anticancer effects. Cloves Most of the research with cloves has been done with clove oil, which has...

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teen teens teenager lunch allergies allergy

Keeping your Allergic Teenager Safe

If you are a parent of an allergic teenager, it will come as no surprise that risk taking, peer pressures and desires to fit in are all part of the process. Despite whether or not your child has ever suffered from an allergic reaction, this is not the time...

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Allergen Friendly Holiday Craft Projects

When the kids are home from school for the holidays, it is the perfect time to do some craft projects to keep them busy! Here are some allergen friendly holiday craft projects. They also make perfect homemade gifts for grandparents or other relatives! Angel Christmas Ornament Dots of glitter...

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Allergen-Free Baking Tips

The holidays are the best time to bake lots of goodies. If you have food allergies, there are a lot of substitutions that can turn your holiday favorites into allergy friendly treats.  Learn good substitutes for your allergen of concern 1 cup milk= 1 cup water/juice/rice milk/almond milk Cheese=...

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Reducing Inflammation Over the Holidays

As the holiday season is here, many of us will be gathering around and enjoying comfort foods. It is certainly times like these when inflammation can be at it’s worst.  Not only are typical holiday foods rich in sugar and fat, but once you start eating those forbidden foods,...

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