Allergen Friendly Holiday Craft Projects

When the kids are home from school for the holidays, it is the perfect time to do some craft projects to keep them busy! Here are some allergen friendly holiday craft projects. They also make perfect homemade gifts for grandparents or other relatives!

Angel Christmas Ornament


Dots of glitter add plenty of sparkle.

What you need: Green and yellow construction paper or cardstock, pencil, scissors, colored glitter glue, gold ribbon, craft glue.

Make it: Draw and cut out a 50 circle from green paper. Poke a hole in the center, and following our diagram above, cut the circle into a spiral. Decorate with dots of colored glitter glue and let dry. Enlarge our star template, found in the link below, and cut out. Trace template twice onto yellow paper and cut out. Decorate both stars with glitter glue and let dry. To create a loop for hanging, cut a piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and glue the ends between the two stars. Let dry and glue to top of spiral.


Jolly Lolly


Red and white paper circles create a peppermint swirl.

What you need: Red and white construction paper or cardstock, pencil, scissors, ice-pop stick, craft glue, red and white glitter glue, red ribbon.

Make it: Draw and cut out four red and four white 21/20 circles from paper. Outline each with glitter glue and let dry. Overlap and glue each circle onto the next, alternating colors, to form a larger circle. Glue an ice-pop stick to the back of circles. To create a loop for hanging, cut a piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and glue the ends to the back of the lollipop. Cut another piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the stick.


Photo Ornament


What you need: Blue construction paper or cardstock, pencil, scissors, silver ribbon, monofilament, one photo or a copy of a photo, glue stick, tape.

Make it: Draw and cut out two 41/20 square frames from blue paper. Cut out a smaller, 21/20 solid square from blue construction paper. Trim photo to fit a smaller square. Cut a piece of monofilament, and tape one end to the center of the smaller square, leaving the other end loose. Glue photo on top of square, sandwiching the monofilament. Tape loose end of monofilament to the top center of one of the frames. To create a loop for hanging, cut a longer piece of monofilament, fold it in half, and tape the ends to the center of the same frame. Set aside. Decorate the second frame with ribbon tied in a bow. Write a holiday message on it using a metallic marker. Glue this frame on top of the first frame

Snow Globe Jar


What you need: Glass jar, fake snow, cars, trees, or anything you would like to add

Make it: Pour fake snow into the glass jar and arrange your trees, cars or other items.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Colored popsicle sticks
  • Foam star stickers
  • Rhinestone stickers
  • Twine
  • Glue

Paper Plate Snowman Craft


What you need to make your snowman

  • paper plates
  • medium sized black buttons
  • large pink buttons
  • white shimmer sugar or glitter
  • mod pod
  • puffy paint
  • paint brush
  • glue

Spread mod pod onto paper plate, coat in glitter and shake off excess. Glue black buttons on for eyes and pink buttons on for cheeks. Use orange puff paint to make a carrot nose and black paint to make a mouth.

The Grinch Toilet Paper Roll Craft


Materials Needed:

-Toilet Paper Roll

–Green and red construction paper


–Black Marker

-White Glitter


Wrap a piece of red construction paper around the toilet paper roll and glue it.

Sketch a drawing of the Grinch’s face. Make sure there is a bump on top so you can glue the red hat to it.

Cut out two red arms and two green hands. Just bend the ends of the red arm pieces and glue to the side of the toilet paper tube.

Cut out two feet that look like green beans. Then fold the end and tape it to the inside on the bottom.

Glue places where the white shows such as the hat, arms, and around his neck. Sprinkle with white glitter to make it shimmer!

Personalized Handkerchief


A hand-drawn decoration makes a practical gift precious. With fabric crayons, kids draw on an ironed handkerchief. Parents press with an iron to set the image (follow instructions on crayon package)

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