School Food Allergy Ideas

Allergy Safe Snacks and Lunch Ideas

Here is a list of safe snacks and lunch ideas for kids with food allergies. As always, check the labels to make sure it is a safe snack! Whether it’s your child who is affected by allergies or someone in his/her class, the following list will come in handy...

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Classroom Safety for the Allergic Child

There are many potential dangers for the allergic child in any classroom. If at all possible, keep all foods outside of the classroom. If not, designate a space spot for the allergic child to eat and be sure to clean off all surfaces after meals and snacks. Restrict the...

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How to avoid foods that contain Egg

For those affected by an egg allergy, reading labels is crucial to avoiding the allergen. But what about foods that are not packaged? Egg and egg by-products can often be found in many restaurant dishes. Be suspicious of the following foods and always question. Baked Goods: Even if a...

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The Power of Flax

Flax seed originates from the flax plant and grows throughout Canada and the Northwest United States. Touted as having numerous health benefits, flax has been linked to a reduced risk of: heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Rich in: omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, and fiber (insoluble and soluble); these...

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Concept of Clean Eating

Coined as a popular food trend, the foundation of clean eating is all about consuming foods in their whole food state or as close to natural as possible. Beyond that, the definition can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Some view it as increasing fruit and vegetable...

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Healthy Benefits of Superfood Sea Vegetables

Considered one of the hottest food trends in 2015, edible sea weed has gained considerable popularity. It is now a common ingredient in such dishes as: chips, snacks, pizza, desserts, sushi and salads. Studies have shown promising health benefits of sea weed including its potential anticancer effects, digestive health...

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Food Allergy Institute of North Texas Ask the Dietitian

Ask the dietitian: Gluten-free and Wheat-free

What is the difference between ‘gluten-free’ and ‘wheat-free’ foods? Do I have to restrict gluten? A strict life-long ‘gluten-free’ diet is only required if you have been diagnosed with oeliac disease. Celiac disease is an auto-immune condition that results in inflammation of the small intestine when any gluten is...

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Is Your Body Telling You Something?

How to recognize common nutrient deficiencies The typical American diet often has big nutrition gaps. The following nutrients are commonly lacking in many adults.  Read on for common signs and symptoms of deficiencies and food sources to fill these needs.   NUTRIENT COMMON SIGNS/SYMPTOMS FOODS SOURCES Calcium Fatigue, muscle...

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Frequently Asked Food Allergy Questions

Common Food Allergy FAQ’s

Is peanut oil safe for a peanut allergic individual? Refined peanut and soybean oils are generally safe for allergic individuals as they do not contain protein, the component of food that causes an allergic reaction. If a peanut oil is listed as: cold pressed, expeller pressed, or extruded they...

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